Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Me, Get Over it

This first bugged me a while back, but I'm pretty over it now. I'm more resigned with reality rather than irritated with people's opinions.
I've heard it all before and I guess I didn't pay attention because I was so excited about my new short hair. But since it's been 4 years this August since my new pixie cut, it's not so new anymore. And I expect people who've only known me having short hair to accept it as a part of me, as well. Example: I got eyeglasses for the first time just after the end of 5th grade. That summer I went to a new summer camp and my friends there only knew me with glasses. So when I left my glasses at home because I kept forgetting them because I wasn't used to having glasses yet, my friends were confused, because they only knew me with glasses. *Sigh* I wish life was simple like then.

But, I've heard the societal imprinted opinions that long flowing hair is beautiful and guys are attracted to long hair on women and what not. So what? I don't care. I look good with my short hair. I also don't like taking care of a lot of hair. And I prefer the way I look with short hair to long hair. With long hair I look like most [black] women you'll come across. Separately, I also think [women with] pixie haircuts (more often than not) are cute. Their attitudes and dress and look seem spunkier, more interesting, unique even. And with my pixie haircut I'm a part of that. I've had no regrets with my haircut, and I still don't.

So my new BFF (not an official title), Sebastien is talking about women with long hair—I think it was after our workout and before dinner—and how they're attractive and blah blah blah. That's all well and good, I don't really care. Then he swings it black to me: You should grow your hair out, blah blah blah. And I tell him some portion of the above. Sure most guys think long hair is gorgeous and sexy, but so what? I like the way I look. Better yet I'm dating someone who likes the way I look, too.

So of course the next occasion (not chronologically, but on the issue at hand) is watching the Cee Lo Green video, Fuck You on Skype with Chris. I'd heard the song with Kody on his iPod when I was hanging out with him down in Palo Alto, near Stanford. He raved about the song, and yeah it was fun, I like it. Chris raved about it to on this particular Skype session, and I hadn't seen the video yet, and yeah that was fun too. Cee Lo Green did a good job. I liked the story in the video and the style he chose. So at some point Chris goes "ooh, that girl is cute!" nbd, don't care, I'm confident in myself.

"You should grow your hair out like her! Girls with long hair are hot!" I'm not retarded. I know he wasn't saying I wasn't attractive, or that she was more attractive than I am. But only that long hair would amp up my image. But I felt like my last line of defense was gone.What's the hell? My bf is like everyone else. I don't wanna date everyone else. Simultaneously on Twitter I posted about how excited I was about my recent haircut. I love haircuts, every time I'm so happy. Maria responds supportively. Responding tweet: You're one of three people left on this planet that likes my hair short... Cee Lo Green video happens. And I have the urge to retweet, but I try not to be very morbid online, but the thought that goes through my head is "now there's only two of us." It's a bit of an extreme but hey, w/e.

Like I said, I'm over it, but I've wanted to blog this rant for a while, since about the beginning of November. I like my hair. Chris likes my hair, he compliments me on it. Shit like this will happen occasionally. And like all things, I'll get over it eventually. Some things take longer. This only took a few weeks to simmer down. Every time I get a haircut I'm reminded of how much I love my look. And you know, considering I don't like the task of doing hair, even if I did have a hair stylist to do my hair everyday, and the desire to get up early or stay up late enough to compensate for the time it takes to do my hair, I still wouldn't have it long. I'd just have my pixie look perfected.

So take that, society. Suck my short hair strands, cuz they're stayin that way. :-P

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